Day 17: Central Bus Station

Monday, November 9, 2015 I drove past the Central Bus Station (CBS) around 9 p.m. and spontaneously decided to have a look at the new containers of the CBS Angels. But it came as it was to come: I stayed until 1 clock in the morning. At the CBS, a lot has happened. There are … weiterlesenDay 17: Central Bus Station

Day 16: Dornach

Sunday, November 1, 2015 There were still about 600 guests in Dornach. No further buses had been announced online. I arranged to meet a Farsi interpreter in order to conduct a few conversations with Afghans. When I arrived at the accommodation facilities, they suddenly said: „Karim, can you please make the announcement on the bus?“ … weiterlesenDay 16: Dornach

Day 12: Central Bus Station

Friday, the 23/10/2015. I hadn’t really planned to go out again this evening. But at about 11 p.m. I got a message from the ZOB volunteers that more buses were expected. So I went out around midnight to help out for two hours. It was a cold night, and because it was very late and … weiterlesenDay 12: Central Bus Station

Day 11: Dornach

Wednesday, 14.10.2015 Yesterday, the information came in that from 8 p.m. onwards about 900 refugees would arrive at Dornach. Therefore, I headed over with a fellow Tunisian to help on site. Originally, I had wanted to stay only until 11 p.m. However, since the busses arrived very late, I missed the last train back. That’s … weiterlesenDay 11: Dornach

Day 10: Central Bus Station

Saturday, 10.10.2015 I don’t really have much to tell today, since I wasn’t out much. At about 11 p.m. I wanted to collect some tickets from the bus station for the volunteers. But then I walked around some more, looking for refugees with children. Some families with kids don’t realise how cold the nights get … weiterlesenDay 10: Central Bus Station

Day 8: Central Bus Station

Sunday, 27. Sep 2015 Yesterday evening I was at the central bus station from 8pm until midnight working both as a volunteer helper and an Arabic translator. I only had a few smaller encounters. There were also a large number of Afghanis around, with whom I cannot converse as their language is different. First encounter … weiterlesenDay 8: Central Bus Station