Day 21: Dornach

Monday, November 23, 2015 Even though Dornach is to be closed at the end of the month, again 600 refugees have been moved there just recently. Some of these have been accommodated there for over a week now and no one knows exactly what is going to happen. Upon request, the information was given that … Weiterlesen

Day 16: Dornach

Sunday, November 1, 2015 There were still about 600 guests in Dornach. No further buses had been announced online. I arranged to meet a Farsi interpreter in order to conduct a few conversations with Afghans. When I arrived at the accommodation facilities, they suddenly said: „Karim, can you please make the announcement on the bus?“ … Weiterlesen

Day 11: Dornach

Wednesday, 14.10.2015 Yesterday, the information came in that from 8 p.m. onwards about 900 refugees would arrive at Dornach. Therefore, I headed over with a fellow Tunisian to help on site. Originally, I had wanted to stay only until 11 p.m. However, since the busses arrived very late, I missed the last train back. That’s … Weiterlesen

Day 8: Central Bus Station

Sunday, 27. Sep 2015 Yesterday evening I was at the central bus station from 8pm until midnight working both as a volunteer helper and an Arabic translator. I only had a few smaller encounters. There were also a large number of Afghanis around, with whom I cannot converse as their language is different. First encounter … Weiterlesen

Day 6: Dornach

Monday, 21.09.2015 Actually, the refugees should have left Dornach yesterday. Apparently, a lack of busses was the reason why a portion of those present remained at the shelter. I called to find out what was missing food wise, and made my way to the Arabian food store in my neighborhood of Pasing. There I wanted … Weiterlesen