Day 47: Erding – Retirement home supervisory authority

The health condition of Samir, the paraplegic Syrian whose  story  I have told before, has continued to deteriorate in recent months, in particular with regard to his decubitus ulcer. A volunteer who is working as a nurse went to see him on Friday, Sept. 9, as a result of my last report. On that day, … weiterlesen

Day 45: The insurgent – Part 2

After the last meeting, I tried with some friends to organize an appointment in a hospital in order to find out about possible therapeutical approaches for the paraplegic Syrian. The appointment was quickly organized, but unfortunately we had to cancel it again because we first had to look for an authorization by the administrative bodies. … weiterlesen

Day 22: Central bus station / bribe money

  Wednesday, November 25, 2015 A journalist from the Bayern 2 radio station contacted me to accompany me one evening during my volunteer work as a helper and interpreter. Since in most emergency shelters accreditation by the government is necessary, I suggested to help out one evening with the ZOB-Angels at the central bus station. … weiterlesen